Page Life Cycle Events

Posted: December 20, 2010 in

Page Life Cycle Events

    * Page_Init
      The server controls are loaded and initialized from the Web form’s view state. This is the first step in a Web form’s life cycle.

    * Page_Load
      The server controls are loaded in the page object. View state information is available at this point, so this is where you put code to change control settings or display text on the page.

    * Page_PreRender
      The application is about to render the page object.

    * Page_Unload
      The page is unloaded from memory.

    * Page_Disposed
      The page object is released from memory. This is the last event in the life of a page object.

    * Page_Error
      An unhandled exception occurs.

    * Page_AbortTransaction
      A transaction is aborted.

    * Page_CommitTransaction
      A transaction is accepted.

    * Page_DataBinding
      A server control on the page binds to a data source.

    * Process Request Method finally renders HTML Page


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